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ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality Management System

Clean Room Services

Posted By: Nancy Cogliandro, Marketing Director, PKB (Nancy, pacamor at msn dot com)   07/23/2018


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PKB's Clean Room Bearing Maintenance and Relubrication Center meets Class 6, with Class 5 Clean Benches, per ISO 14644-1.  
PKB manufactures bearings up to 1.125" O.D.

Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB) is pleased to offer our Clean Room Services to you.  

Have ball bearings been in your stock room for 3 years or longer?  

Is the lube discolored or the packaging damaged?

Did your stockroom temperature and humidity ever fluctuate?  

PKB's quality certified factory and clean room are the right place to refurbish your ball bearing inventory.

Who better, than the ball bearing manufacturer, to relubricate your aging bearing inventory?   

Clean Room Services:

  • Wash & relube with the same lubricant
  • Wash & change the lubricant to a different lubricant and/or lubrication process 
  • Options include, but not limited to:
Lube Weight Documentation
    • Grease 
    • Oil
    • Grease Plate
    • Oil Film
    • Serialization
    • Dip & Drain
    • Dry Film Lubricants
    • Lube Dry (wash only)
    • Vacuum Impregnation
    • Lubricant & Solvent Mixtures
    • Lube Weight Documentation
    • PKB Stock Lubricants
    • PKB Specialty Lubricants
    • Customer Supplied Specialty Lubricants
  • Bearings repackaged in PKB Standard Clean Bags
  • Bearings repackaged in specialty bags, to your specification
    • Intimate bearing packaging in Class 6 Clean Room, with Class 5 Clean Benches, meeting ISO 14644-1.
  • Packaging options include, but not limited to:
    • Nitrogen back-fill
    • 1A8 bags
    • Vial pack
    • Pill pack 
    • Other specialty packaging materials & processes
 Why Maintain Proper Bearing Lubrication?
Class 6 Clean Room with Class 5 Clean Benches, meeting ISO 14644-1

Proper lubricant can reduce friction, prevent bearing wear, protect bearing surfaces from corrosion, and carry away excess heat from bearing operation.  

Bearings operate on a very thin film of lubricant which must be maintained, or replaced, to ensure that maximum bearing life is achieved.  

Proper selection, application, and maintenance are vital in maximizing bearing life 

Maintaining your bearings with proper lubrication will reduce friction and wear.   

Can PKB Relube Bearings That Were Manufactured By Other Companies?Yes. PKB regularly performs re-lubrication services on bearings that were originally manufactured by many other companies.    

When Should Bearings be Relubed?

  • PKB recommends that bearings should be relubed within three (3) years of the original manufacturer's lube date, or if any of the following conditions occur:
ISO 9001:2015 - AS9100 Rev D  FAA TSO-C149 - ISO 14644-1
  • Bearings should be relubed at the recommendation of the bearing manufacturer
  • Bearings have been subjected to temperature or humidity conditions outside of the recommended temperature range
  • Bearings have become contaminated 
  • The original packaging has become damaged
  • If you're unsure of the lubricant's expiration date
  • There is any question about the quality, condition, or type of lubricant in the bearings
  • The bearing lubrication appears to have separated, discolored, or otherwise changed appearance 

Can't I Just Wash Out the Lubrication and Install New Lube?

Many 440C Stainless Steel Bearings that are used in Aerospace, Medical, and other applications can be cleaned and relubricated, in proper Clean Room conditions, and by trained personnel. Improper handling can result in cross contamination, problems with wettability on balls & bearing races, or ball & raceway damage, as well as broken, cracked, lost or otherwise unusable retainers, seals, shields, balls, or wires.  PKB provides bearing wash and relubrication services, for many Aerospace OEMs and authorized resellers, in our factory Clean Room.    

Bearing Lubrication - Most Requested Oils
LubricantTypeViscosity (Centistokes)
 @ 100 F
Viscosity (Centistokes)
 @ 210 F
Operating Range (F)Mil-Spec
WINSOR LUBE L-245-XDIESTER315.3-65 to +300MIL-L-6085A
ANDEROL 401DDIESTER11.53.2-65 TO +300-
DC510SILICONE3814-65 to +500MIL-L-27694
Bearing Lubrication - Most Requested Greases
LubricantBase OilThickenerColorOperating Range (F)Mil-Spec
  Please Contact PKB for a quote to rework your in-house bearings, with new lubricant, or to change over your ball bearing lubricant to a different lubricant. 
PKB - Quality Certified ISO 9001-2015 AS9100 Rev. D Manufacturer

 For further assistance with bearing selection and design, please feel free to contact our engineering team or look at our online catalog . 

More about Bearing Lubrication from PKB:

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  • See our Shaft and Housing Fits page for a detailed chart and more information line to line, interference & loose fits onto a bearing shaft or into a housing.


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