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What's In A Name?

Posted By: Nancy Cogliandro (Nancy, pacamor at msn dot com)   11/28/2007


What does "PKB" mean? Many ball bearing manufacturers use initials as their common name in the industry. PKB is no different in that regard. After a certain amount of time goes by, many people begin to forget the meaning of the letters in the name. When is the last time anyone thought of IBM as International Business Machines or referred to AT&T as American Telephone & Telegraph? It has been a long time since AT&T focused on the telegraph market or IBM focused strictly on tabulating machines for business. Both of these companies have grown with the years, and so has PKB. PKB is the common name for Pacamor Kubar Bearings.

Today, PKB is a respected domestic manufacturer of high quality miniature and instrument ball bearings for a diverse range of challenging applications. As with many companies with a long history, PKB comes from humble beginnings. The company's original name was just Pacamor. Back then, it was written like this: PacAmOr. The letters signified that PacAmOr worked to bring miniature and instrument ball bearings to the US from the Pacific, the Americas, and the Orient. Really, it's a pretty creative name.

After a few years, the company decided that it really was better off if it manufactured product rather than continue to rely on others for high quality miniature and instrument ball bearings. PacAmOr purchased the factory machinery and technology from the owners of Kubar, a respected ball bearing manufacturer in Cambridge, MA. Those owners names were Phil Kulin and Phil Barnard. Thus, Pacamor/Kubar was formed. Pacamor/Kubar has been manufacturing bearings in Troy, NY for over 20 years. A few years ago, we realized that the company's name might be confusing to some of our customers. In an effort to streamline our name, and with the goal of modernizing our image, the PKB name was born.

Today, customers who have worked with us for many years may call us Pacamor or Kubar, but maybe your family calls you by a more formal name than your friends call you. You're still you and we're still us. Now that you know a little more about us, we hope you'll feel free to ask us anything else about PKB and our high quality line of domestically manufactured miniature and instrument ball bearings. We'll be looking forward to your comments to this first post on our new blog.


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