SFR133 Details

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Category: Miniature Flanged Series 
Bearing Type: Flanged, Open 
Bearing Number: SFR133 
Bore (inches): 0.0937 
Outer Diameter (inches): 0.1875  
Width Open (inches): 0.0625  
Chamfer: 0.0030  
Dynamic Load (lbs.): 27
Static Radial (lbs.): 5
Static Thrust (lbs.): 13
Flange Diameter: 0.2340  
Flange Width Open: 0.0180  
Flange Width Shielded: 0.0310  
# Of Balls w/ Crown Retainer: 7  
# Of Balls w/ Ribbon Retainer: 8  
# Of Balls w/ Machined Retainer: 7  
Ball Size: 1/32  
Crown Retainer: STD  
Ribbon Retainer: AVL  
Machined Retainer: AVL  
Inner Land Diameter: 0.1170  
Outer Land Diameter: 0.1630  
Bore (mm): 2.37  
Outer Diameter (mm): 4.7
Width Open (mm): 1.5