Customer Testimonial – Ken Hoffer, CEO, Hoffer Flow Controls


Ken: “As you know for most of our meters we have used your bearings exclusively for a number of years, many are used on air calibrations for all sorts of gases and a large portion are used on liquid cryogenic such as LIN, LOX, LAR, LH2 etc.

“We used to advise after 3 months to a year that we recommend changing the bearings; several years ago we stopped changing the bearing. We have three people that calibrate and certify the cryogenic flowmeters all over the world, from China to South Africa, to Europe, Brazil as well as in the USA and Canada.

“We have not changed a bearing for years and have had no failures due to bearing wear, as a matter of fact we have found that when we do a repair for other reasons that a new set of bearing has a shift to the K factor, but when we go back to re-certify that the bearing has shifted back exactly to the original K factor which means that all the bearing are exactly the same which is amazing!!”

PKB: “Can you help us understand a little more about the “K factor”? 

Ken: “The K factor is the number of pulses in a unit of measure I.E. gallons, liters etc. It is obtained by adding the individual K-factors for all the calibration points, typically 12 with the top and bottom points repeated, then divide the total by 12 and the resulting number will be the average K factor or number of pulses per unit. The meter will constantly reproduce this average K-factor for many years.