SR2-5UZ Details

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Category: Modified Dimension Ball Bearings 
Bearing Type: Non-Flanged, Single Shield 
Bearing Number: SR2-5UZ 
Bore (inches): 0.1250 
Outer Diameter (inches): 0.3125  
Width Shielded (inches): 0.1094 (Narrow)
Flange Diameter: 0.3590  
Flange Width: 0.0230  
# Of Balls w/ Crown Retainer:  6
# Of Balls w/ Ribbon Retainer:  6 
# Of Balls w/ Machined Retainer:  6
Ball Size: 1/16 
Crown Retainer: STD  
Ribbon Retainer: AVL  
Machined Retainer: AVL  
Inner Land Diameter: 0.1760  
Outer Land Diameter: 0.2690  
Bore (mm): 3.17  
Outer Diameter (mm): 7.9  
Width Shielded (mm): 2.7  


Please Note: Narrow width bearings are available with one shield only, and these have the same width as an open bearing.