Category: Metric Ball Bearings 
Bearing Type: Non-Flanged, Shielded 
Bearing Number: S694ZZ
Bore (inches): 0.1575
Outer Diameter (inches): 0.4331
Width Shielded (inches):  0.1575
Chamfer 0.006
Dynamic Load Rating:  
Static Load Rating:  
# Of Balls w/ Crown Retainer:   8
# Of Balls w/ Ribbon Retainer:  8
# Of Balls w/ Machined Retainer:   8
Ball Size:   1/16
Crown Retainer: STD  
Ribbon Retainer: AVL  
Machined Retainer: AVL  
Inner Land Diameter:  0.232
Outer Land Diameter:   0.329
Bore (mm): 4
Outer Diameter (mm): 11
Width Shielded (mm): 4