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Ball Bearing White Papers

Pacamor Kubar Bearings has consolidated our most requested ball bearing white pages into one convenient location. PKB offers technical expertise available to assist with design and engineering of ball bearings for custom products. Available options include, but are not limited to, custom rings, retainers, balls, shields, seals, lubricants, and packaging. Whether a PKB ball bearing is included in the Original Equipment Manufacturer's design (OEM) or is installed in a high quality overhaul, the Pacamor Kubar Bearings name is one you can trust.

The following pages contain ball bearing white papers to provide supplemental design data, published articles, and anecdotes to aid you in bearing selection and/or bearing design. For additional technical data relative to bearing design and attributes, please visit our Technical pages.

Pacamor Kubar Bearings is regularly published in a number of technical periodicals, such as Machine Design, Motion System Design, Micro Manufacturing, Power Transmission Engineering, and others. Please view the individual PKB ball bearing white papers to learn about PKB ball bearing design news in real world applications.

As supplemental reading to the ball bearing white papers section, readers may wish to visit the PKB ball bearings blog, which is regularly updated with news and commentary about ball bearings in general, PKB company news, new products, and other topics of interest to ball bearing engineers.

For further assistance with bearing selection and design, please feel free to contact our engineering team, look at our online catalog and view our technical pages.

hOW TO GUIDE (SERIES): Proper lubrication of miniature and instrument ball bearings

Lubrication is an essential element of bearing selection. Proper lubricant can reduce friction, prevent bearing wear, protect bearing surfaces from corrosion, and carry away excess heat from bearing operation. 
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hOW TO GUIDE (SERIES): shaft and housing fits

This guide is for establishing shaft and bearing fits for miniature and instrument bearings when the coefficients of the shaft and housing are similar or when the operating temperature differential between them is nominal.
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Bearing installation is as important as bearing design and cleanliness. Improper installation can damage the bearing assembly.
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hOW TO GUIDE (SERIES): using a handheld micrometer to measure miniature and instrument ball bearings

For the most accurate measurements, Miniature and Instrument Ball Bearing dimensions should be measured with a calibrated Air Gauge. A good second option is a calibrated Optical Comparitor. On occasion, it may be necessary to use a calibrated Handheld Micrometer to double check a measurement or for simple verification while working in the field.
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hOW TO GUIDE (SERIES): Proper handling of pkb aerospace bearings

Proper handling and installation helps to maximize bearing performance and bearing life.
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Manufacturing Micro Ball Bearings Is A Detailed, Multifaceted Process

They're the unsung workhorses of microtechnology. Unseen-and, if working properly, unheard-micro ball bearings pervade the microworld.
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Bearings are Rocket Science (Machine Design):

When Kearfott Guidance & Navigation, a leading aerospace manufacturer, needed a unique bearing for their space flight application, they turned to Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB).
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Bearings in High Speed Applications (MSD):

Motion System Design interviewed a panel of industry experts regarding the challenges of designing and manufacturing high quality ball bearings for high speed applications. Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB) is pleased to participate in this important discussion.
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Don't Want Counterfeit Bearings? Know Your Supplier (Machine Design):

During recent years, many users have experienced disastrous field failures and/or costly assembly hold ups due to substituted or misrepresented parts. For any company that has suffered as a result of field failures or production delays...
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Getting the Most Out of High Speed Bearings:

Bearing speed is affected by a variety of factors including bearing geometry. Bearing rings must be ground to very tight tolerances and polished to a smooth and shiny finish. Bearing steel must be of high quality with small, evenly spaced carbides.
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Live Chat with Ball Bearing Expert (MSD):

Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB), a domestic manufacturer of miniature and instrument ball bearings, has gone one step further in enhancing the customer experience by adding a live chat function to its customer friendly www.pacamor.com website.
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Special Requirements in Miniature Bearings (MSD):

Ball bearing assemblies are an integral part of high performance and precision applications. They mate parts, control movement, locate components, limit torque, and provide rotational or oscillating functionality. Miniature and instrument ball bearings are used in many high precision applications.
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