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February 2010
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 Dental Bearing Sale
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 Dear Reader,
Welcome to a very special edition of the Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB) ball bearing and mechanical motion newsletter. 
Back by popular demand, the PKB Dental Bearings Sale!  PKB is offering 2004 rollback prices for our 2010 Dental Bearing Sale!!  Wow!
Curious about our factory and newly expanded cleanroom?  Watch the new PKB manufacturing and applications videos in this newsletter.
Nancy Cogliandro
Call or email me anytime for all your miniature and instrument ball bearings! 
PACAMOR KUBAR BEARINGS (PKB) MidWinter Dental Bearing Sale 2010
This is a small sample of our most popular high speed dental bearing and dental drive ring options.
For a larger listing, please visit our Dental Bearing Cross Reference:

Handpiece OEM      Model                   Front                       Rear         Unit Price
Athena/Champion                          X56SRT144Z    X56SRT144Z        $3.85

Bien Air               Black Pearl, Bora  X09SRPH2-5Z   X09SRPH2-5Z       $3.75

Bien Air               Ondine, Prestige   X55SRPH144Z  X55SRPH144Z       $3.36

Dabi Atlante         Silent MS            X03SRT144Z   X03SRT144Z         $3.85
                         MRS, MRSL

Kavo                  625, 630, 632       X70SRT144Z   X70SRT144Z         $4.24
                         635, 640, 642

Kavo                  635B (mini)           X70SRT144Z   X71SRT144Z         $4.24

Lares                  557, 757              X02SRT144Z   FRONT                 $3.36

Lares                  557, 757              REAR             X74SRT144           $3.85

Midwest              Quiet Air, Tradition X01SFRTI44Z  FRONT                 $3.85

Midwest              Quiet Air, Tradition REAR             X02SRT144Z         $3.36

Midwest              Stylus                  X57SRT144Z   X57SRT144Z         $3.36

Midwest              XGT                     X01SFRTI44Z  X01SFRTI44Z        $3.85

NSK                   MACH, N75            REAR             X02SRT144Z         $3.36
NSK                   MACH, N75            X11SFRT144    FRONT                $3.85
NSK                   Phatelus                X01SFRT144Z  X01SFRT144Z      $3.85
Siemens             4000                     X03SRT144Z    X03SRT144Z       $3.85

Star                   430, Vista             X54SFRPH144Z  X54SFRPH144Z   $4.24

W&H                  700 & 800 Series    X55SRTI44Z      X55SRTI44Z       $3.36

Drive Rings                                           Part Number                           Unit Price

Thick Narrow                                 DR1                                         $1.45

Wide                                            DR2                                         $1.45

Thin Narrow                                  DR3                                         $1.45PKB Dental Bearings

Minimum order 25 pieces per item. 
$250 minimum total order of all items.
All bearings are first quality.
Immediate shipment available from stock for some items.
Ceramic Hybrid Bearings available by special order. 
Request a quote: 
PKB is pleased to present our annual MidWinter & Yankee Dental Conference (YDC) Dental Bearing Sale!  Every year we offer exceptional value to our customers with rollback pricing of Steel and Ceramic Hybrid Dental Bearings.  
We know that many of you like to place your annual order for dental and medical bearings during this sale.  If you would like a copy of the sale flyer, please contact me and I will send a flyer to you right away.
PKB Factory Videos - Take a Tour
The Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB) quality certified factory is located in Troy, NY.  PKB is ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2004 certified.  All PKB bearings are FAA TSO-C149 Aircraft Bearings certified and are appropriately DFARS approved.  PKB maintains an in-house DMIR for expedited deliveries to our aerospace customers.
This video provides a tour of the PKB quality certified factory in Troy, NY:
This video provides a brief overview of some of the many applications where PKB bearings can be found:
If you any have trouble viewing the video links, please request a copy of the file. 
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